S/Y Greta Garbo i Medelhavet

Lösa planer för 2019

Suggestion for summer 19
The nicest thing with a teachers job is that you always have a long summer holiday. It is only  a problem when 3 teachers share the same boat. This summer will start in Almerimar where the boat has wintered. We are replacing the S-drive and gearbox, and hopefully that will fix the engine overload problem we experienced last summer.

When you are in Spain you either go west out into the atlantic or back east where we came from. I want to to west and south. I want to visit Marocco and then finish the summer on the Algarve coast and the winter in Lagos.
Det är bara ett förslag.

Schemat för 2019 är helt öppet. Om du som läser detta är sugen att segla med GretaGarbo kontakta mig så fort som möjligt.